Summerlin Auto Repair

We depend on our cars to get us where you require going when we have to go someplace. That’s why it’s so discouraging when our vehicle breaks down on us, whether something’s just worn with time or unexpectedly breaks. We aim to offer our clients with detailed information regarding why a repair work is required, how the vehicle part has actually stopped working, and what steps can be required to care for the replacement part and avoid failure in the future.

Davidson Certified Technicians

Our Professional Certified Davidson service technicians are trained to identify and repair broken automobile parts or systems. If your Air Conditioning is blowing hot air, your brakes are screeching to the high heavens, or your car is dipping down when you stop because your shocks or struts are worn, a journey to Davidson in Summerlin can help resolve the problem. If you hear a whining under the hood, we’ve got the belt to repair that.

Heating & Cooling
Bring back the performance of your heating and air conditioning system. If you are experiencing issues, and are not sure exactly what is wrong, Davidson offers a Comprehensive Coolant System Evaluation.

Davidson Brake Service Packages takes best in class to the next level. With so many plans to select from and quality service, you can rely upon, trust Davidson to obtain you there. The Davidson Standard Brake Service plan includes an extensive brake system examination, brake pad or brake shoe replacement, and off-vehicle resurfacing of drums or rotors on the serviced axle( s) carried out by our accredited expert Davidson specialists.

Steering & Suspension
Stop up to 10 feet faster. We provide several service options developed to evaluate, fix or change aspects of your steering and suspension system

Belts & Hoses
Belts and tubes carry out standard functions that keep some really complex systems carrying out optimally. With Davidson radiator hose pipe and timing belt replacement services, you can keep rolling with confidence.

Diagnostics & System Evaluations
Get the responses you require by professionals you can rely on. Davidson deals total and detailed engine diagnostics and system assessments for you car.

Clutch Installation Services
Our clutch replacement service plans are developed to help your automobile continue to deliver the efficiency you desire and expect. You can rely on Davidson in Summerlin Las Vegas to do the task right, keep you informed, and get you securely on your method. Making a visit is simple to set up online, call your local store, or walk in.

Oil Change Services
Oil changes are one of the most convenient, most important things you can do to keep your vehicle. Motor oil helps your engine run smoothly and minimizes the wear on the moving parts in your engine. The various car makes and models need various motor oil weights and blends. A Davidson oil change satisfies any need including standard, high mileage, synthetic mix and synthetic. Rewards members can conserve a lot more money on an oil modification. We offer exceptional brand names including Quaker State, Pennzoil, and Mobil 1 to assist extend your engine life. See the video or see below for the various options and savings and schedule your oil modification today.

Steering and Suspension Services
Your suspension system assists you to stay in control when you’re on the roadway. Pep Boys can help guarantee your security by keeping your suspension system up to every twist and turn the roadway might bring.

  • Shocks and Struts Warning Signs
  • Fluid dripping out of the shock or strut body
  • Shock or strut bodies are dented or harmed
  • Installs or bushings are broken or worn
  • Cupped, uneven tire wear
  • Car sways or leans on turns
  • Automobile “nose dives” when you apply the brakes
  • Excessive bouncing after striking a road bump
  • Harsh, rough or unsteady ride
  • Steering is stiff or makes sounds